Where the money goes


Every dollar donated to Children's Health Fund helps us bring health care to kids living in poverty. We could not do our lifesaving work without help from our donors.

This past year alone we provided tens of thousands of children from homeless and low-income families needed health care through our national mobile medical programs.

Every child deserves a doctor

We believe that every child deserves to have an annual check-up and every child should be able to go to the doctor when he or she is sick. But for far too many children in poor rural and urban areas, this is not their reality.

Our fleet of "doctor's offices on wheels" — each fully equipped with examining rooms, waiting areas, a nurse's station, a room for medical procedures — are staffed with a dedicated health care team. These medical clinics provide curbside primary care that children and families can count on at their schools, homeless shelters and public housing projects. In addition to our mobile medical clinics, we also have specialized mobile clinics for dental services and mental health counseling.

Children's Health Fund has been battling barriers to health care for homeless and other low-income children for over 25 years. To make sure every child gets the health care he or she needs, sometimes care must go to the children.