Let's help the Kindergarten class of the Eagle School in the South Bronx!

Start a fundraising campaign to make sure children in the kindergarten class of The Eagle School in the South Bronx have the glasses they need to see the blackboard, the medicine they need to control asthma, and other essential health care. 100% of the money you raise will pay for programs that address critical health barriers to learning so nothing holds these kids back from school success.

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Teachers, school administrators, and healthcare providers at Children's Health Fund programs across the country agree: health conditions like uncontrolled asthma, the pain of untreated cavities, and the distraction of hunger seriously hamper a child's chance to succeed in school, especially in impoverished communities like the South Bronx where there is limited access to health care. Let's change the odds for these kids. Your fundraising campaign for Children's Health Fund will connect the kindergarten class of The Eagle School to health screenings and services — so they can be healthy and ready to learn!

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